Lose yourself in a cozy and chic location, where every detail is designed to make you live a unique and exciting food experience.

From monday to saturday,  12.00pm – 3.30pm | 7.00pm – 11.30pm


Lose yourself in a cozy and chic location, where every detail is designed to make you live a unique and exciting food experience.


From monday to friday,  9.00am – 3.30pm | 6.30pm – 11.00pm
saturday, 9.30am – 3.30pm | 6.30pm – 11.00pm


Plato Chic Superfood does not only make dishes: it creates experiences that you can live and share,where food is a pleasure to discover and to be amazed by.


Plato’s cuisine:
an ode to superfoods

Plato Chic Superfood® meets your desire for flavor and well-being with tasty food, rich in nutritional treasures: superfoods.
They provide the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers.

Together with a varied and seasonal diet, Plato’s superfoods give you the energy and concentration you require to deal with your daily challenges.

Join us for a special Christmas dinner!

Join us for a special Christmas dinner on December 12th at 9.00pm!
We’ll share unique family recipes with a superfood twist and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with you!
Seats are limited, make sure you book yours.

Plato’s Veli®: little moments of flavor and well-being

Exploring the world of food and flavors led us to patent some of our creations.
Discover our Veli®, thin dough rounds made with special types of flour. They are gluten and yeast-free, and contain sweet or savory fillings rich in seasonal superfoods.

The icon of Plato, the Veli® come from the desire to combine flavor and well-being into a unique product.
We serve them in couples, to provide you with the proteins, carbs, vitamins and fibers of a balanced and whole meal.

Superfood vegani: la lista completa di Plato_Plato Chic Superfood

Plato’s street food:
tasty, fun and chic

Plato respects the nutritional needs and the frenetic pace of contemporary life. This is why we decided to make simple and daily food very special, even as street food.
At Plato’s, your light lunch or snack become an opportunity to take care of yourself with a healthy, nutritious and tasty street food.

Our electric food truck travels the streets of Milan offering a rich selection of Veli®, herbal teas, veggies crudités and naturally flavored waters.

To enjoy your street food open air, indulge yourself with a chic food lover break at our stall, set on the dock in Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio.


The Plato Chic Superfood menu is the result of the collaboration between the creativity of the chefs and the scientific research of nutritionists. Each dish represents the perfect balance between flavor and well-being.