Açai Berries: Discover All the Benefits of the Amazonian Superfood


Açai berries are the fruits of a Brazilian palm. In the last years, Italian people have started to eat this superfood not only for its nutritional values, but also for its pleasantly sour flavour.

At Plato’s, we use this exotic superfood in a new way, which enhances its qualities and makes it a true gourmet ingredient.

Discover the benefits of this Amazonian superfood and in which one of Plato’s dishes we like to use it. Small clue: it’s not a dessert!


Açai berries mon amour! The benefits of a Brazilian superfood

Imagine a vast panorama full of high palms in the Amazonian forest. Each one of those palms produces real treasures, which Brazilian people call “the fruits of Beauty”: açai berries!

They look like blueberries, but they contain a far bigger seed and have less pulp. Each bunch contains more or less 800 berries, of which nothing gets wasted. They extract an oil rich in polyphenols and omega-9 from the seeds, while they use the pulp to make fresh and natural juices.

Which are the benefits of açai berries? And why should you introduce this superfood in your diet?

People consider Açai berries as superfoods because they contain a high level of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins.

The presence of anthocyanins and other polyphenols like flavonoids, typical of dark red or blue colored fruits, reinforces their antioxidant action and makes them great helpers of the cardiovascular system.

In addition to antioxidants, açai berries contain omega 3 and omega 6, glycosides, fibers and vitamins A, C and E. This nutritional profile makes them great for:

  • Athletes who need more energy and want to prevent the cellular aging caused by muscular efforts
  • People who desire to be fit, because they are rich in fibers which help digestion and regulate the sense of satiety
  • People who want to feel light and healthy, because açai berries exercise a detox action on the whole body
  • People who need to strengthen their immune system, to avoid cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses

More in general, açai berries are an exceptional superfood for all those who want to feel better and take care of their body in a healthy and tasty way. This is why they are also known as “the berries of Beauty”.

The nutrients they contain can help you slow down cellular aging, they are great for your metabolism and they reinforce your immune system. Everyone knows it: when we feel good, we also look better!

On the Italian market, you can find açai berries as juices, pills or powders to add to yogurt, smoothies and other drinks. People got used to eat them at breakfast or after their workout.

But there are many other ways to use them, because these berries have an interesting flavor that can also work in savory dishes.

What are we talking about? It may seem strange to you, but ravioli is the answer!


Plato’s Raviolo Surprise: where açai berries become a gourmet ingredient!

As you may know, one of Plato’s objectives is to innovate the Italian tradition with new ingredients and cooking techniques. We want to make Italian cuisine more nutritious, lighter and full of energy.

Superfoods are useful because they are tasty, natural and most of all they contain more nutrients than other foods. Açai berries make no exception!

Plato’s chef Fabio Di Martino uses açai powder to turn simple ravioli into a special pasta dish. Book your dinner at Plato’s to taste:


Raviolo Surprise

Lentils ravioli with a liquid broccoli filling, crunchy tempeh in açai and cedar, with a spicy touch

The dough contains homemade lentils flour, rich in fibers, minerals and proteins. The broccoli is present in three different textures: raw, roasted and creamed, to fill the ravioli and create an explosion of flavors in your mouth!

Tempeh, a veggie ingredient made from fermented soy, is covered in açai powder. These crunchy sticks are an amazing mix of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids.

The little pieces of cedar are the extra touch that turns Plato’s dish into a travel to discover the world of flavors and superfoods!


Do you want to taste Plato’s Raviolo Surprise and discover how tasty açai berries can be in an Italian traditional dish (revisited)?