At Plato Chic Superfood’s, Chocolate Is A Sinless Sin…


“Pleasure’s a sin, and sometimes sin’s a pleasure”.

The words Lord Byron wrote in his Don Juan are true. But only in part.

It’s true that sometimes pleasure, especially when it’s related to food, is associated with sin. But it is also true that this sin – that is, gluttony – can turn into a pleasure not only for the palate, but also for our health.

This is the case with chocolate, the very symbol of gluttony, of which few people know the many nutritional properties, which make it a real superfood.

Plato fell in love with this irresistible ingredient, and decided to make it a valuable ally of your well-being.

How? With the bis di veli Gianduia e frutti di bosco.

A tempting and healthy idea to make your breakfast complete – also with proteins – without necessarily having to give up the sweetest temptation: chocolate!


5 Reasons To Treat Yourself With a Tasty Breakfast: Bis di veli Gianduia e frutti di bosco

With this bis di veli, Plato made a bet: what if chocolate becomes a sinless sin? A pleasure you can indulge in freely, knowing that you’re taking care of your health?

Gianduia e frutti di bosco is a successful and tasty bet, which contains many nutrients valuable for your body and an irresistible, enveloping flavor.

  1. Dark chocolate and fresh berries have a lot of flavonoids, which regulate the glucose in the blood and keep heart and arteries in good health
  1. Nougat is 80% fresh walnuts, rich in vegetable proteins and good fats that will make you feel satisfied and full of energy for a long time
  2. Dark chocolate contains quercetin, which has the power to lower body pressure, regulate cholesterol and protect bloodstream
  3. Chocolate contains serotonin, a great mood regulator and natural antidepressant
  4. The bis di veli Gianduia e frutti di bosco is lactose, gluten and yeast free, therefore it’s a good alternative for celiac and lactose-intolerant people

Thanks to buckwheat and whole rice flour, this bis di veli is the perfect solution to turn your breakfast into a moment of well-being, without giving up the sweet and tempting flavor of chocolate!

Breakfast is quite often the less important meal of the day, eaten fast and with no variations during the week. Actually, we should pay far more attention to it.

In fact, it is through breakfast that we get the necessary nutrients to recharge our batteries and start the day after our sleeping time.

This is the reason why it should be complete, balanced and tasty, so that we can satisfy both our desire for well-being and flavor.

To have it right, your breakfast should contain: proteins, carbs, fibers and vitamins.

With Plato Chic Superfood’s bis di veli Gianduia e frutti di bosco, you can enjoy a tasty breakfast which, differently from the traditional croissant, is complete and nutritionally balanced.

Fresh berries contain loads of vitamins, whole rice flour and buckwheat are rich in fibers and good carbs, while the walnuts in the nougat are the portion of vegetable proteins you need to have energy.

At Plato’s, you’ll find a healthy, tempting and amazing alternative to the common breakfast made of croissant and cappuccino. A breakfast full of a superfood you didn’t expect: chocolate!


Chocolate? Yes, But 85% Dark

Everyone knows there are many different kinds of chocolate on the market. From classic milk-chocolate, to white, to the versions enriched with fruits, spices and coffee.

But among these kinds, there are important nutritional differences.

For the same amount of chocolate, many studies confirmed that extra dark chocolate (that is, 70%-85% cocoa) is finer and richer in nutrients.

This is why Plato chose to enrich the bis di veli Gianduia e frutti di bosco with 85% extra dark chocolate. A chocolate which, if compared to milk chocolate:

  • contains more flavonoids
  • contains more fibers, therefore it satiates you more
  • has lower sugar percentage

In the Plato Chic Superfood version, chocolate is not a sin anymore, but a pleasure that you can live without regrets, and which will turn your breakfast – or, why not, your afternoon snack – into a complete meal, able to give you all the energy you need.

For its nutritional qualities, dark chocolate is a great superfood: healthy, tasty and able to amaze you and make you smile!

A real, sinless pleasure!