Fitness Superfoods: More Energy For Your Workout


September, with its crisp air after months of heat, is the best month to restart doing some sport. What’s better than a nice outdoor walk to feel good and full of energy?

Sport and nutrition have always been a great combo to keep us healthy and release endorphins. But what are the best nutritional habits that athletes and active people should follow?

And most of all: which are the best fitness superfoods for athletes?

Find it out in this food story, with the useful tips of Plato’s nutritionist Valentina Chiozzi!


Is It Better to Eat Before or After The Workout?

Every physical exercise has its own intensity. One hour of fast walking is different from twenty minutes of running, or two hours of tennis.

But the general rule for athletes is working out with full energy supplies, but on an empty stomach. What does it mean?

It means that it is important to eat well before training, that is with a balanced meal including carbs, proteins and fats. The secret to have more energy during your workouts is having already digested your meal before the beginning of the activity.

It’s a good habit, then, to program your meal. If you don’t have enough time, you can recover your energies by eating a good meal rich in proteins well in advance, or after the activity.

Another important aspect to think about during training is hydration.

It’s important to drink regularly during the day, rather than drinking a lot of water during your workout!

To be of help, Plato created a selection of naturally flavored waters to-go: handy, light and sugar free, they are rich in vitamins, which are so important to reintegrate after your training.


For a Healthy Workout, Vary Your Diet!

But what is the best diet to follow to have more energy during your workout?

As always, the secret helpers are balance and variety. All nutrients are important for athletes, from carbs to fats.



Cereals and whole-flour bread and pasta are important, because they give you energy for a longer time.


Proteins are very important for muscles. Not only it’s a good habit to eat them for breakfast, but also during the so called “recovery meal”, that is the post-workout meal.

Athletes need more proteins than sedentary people.

It’s essential, then, to include a part of proteins in every meal, to repair the tissues after training, rebuild the muscle cells and reinforce the immune system.

  • FATS

What? Even fats are important for athletes?

Yes! Eaten in the right amount, fats (especially polyunsaturated) regulate the nervous system and protect the health of cellular membranes. Moreover, they give energy during the aerobic activity.


The Best Fitness Superfoods

All Plato’s dishes and meal combos are created to be suitable for athletes and for active people in general.

Think about breakfast.

At Plato’s you can enjoy a balanced powerful breakfast after your workout – a perfect “recovery meal” that will make you feel great!

You can combine Plato’s Veli to eggs, a great source of proteins, and to a wide selection of vegetables, fruits, nuts, salmon, ricotta and veggies extracts to drink – with seasonal superfoods, of course!

Another important aspect, in fact, is the quality of the products.

Seasonal products maintain all their nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, which are so important to meet the additional nutritional needs of athletes.

For the same reason it is useful to add Plato’s superfood to your daily diet, because they are naturally richer in nutrients.

Following a varied diet rich in superfoods is the best way to take care of yourself and have more energy during your workout!

If you live an active life, you cannot miss these superfoods:


  • Whole Grain Cereals

Plato’s Veli, as well as our hand-made bread, contain gluten free and rich in fibers whole flours.

  • Lean Proteins (white meat, fish, eggs and fresh cheese)

Plato’s dishes always contain a part of proteins, also for breakfast. For what concerns our vegan menu, proteins are present with nuts, tofu and vegetable milk and yogurt.


  • Fresh and seasonal veggies and fruits

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, they are fundamental to fight free radical reactions, which normally happen during the physical activity.

  • Polyunsaturated Fats (like the omega 3 of salmon, almonds, Spirulina and avocado!)

They are extremely useful to contrast post-training inflammation.


And now?

All you have to do is go out and do some sport! Thanks to these little pieces of advice and Plato’s superfoods, you’ll obtain great results with your workout!