Healthy and Tasty Second Courses?


Have you already tried Plato Chic Superfood’s winter menu?

With the coming of the cold season, Plato’s chefs and nutritionists have picked new superfoods, which have become the main ingredients of healthy, but super tasty second courses.

Discover all the benefits of Plato’s iconic main courses and new entries, and treat yourself with a light lunch dedicated to chic food lovers like you! Full of energy, light and amazingly good!

Crunchy chicken breast, three squash, sweet and sour radicchio

Plato’s classic chicken breast with nuts and seeds crust becomes sweeter and tastier thanks to two seasonal superfoods: squash and radicchio!

This second course is a great source of proteins. Chicken is low in fats, but rich in essential amino acids, that will enhance satiety and will give you energy and strength all day long.

Nuts and seeds will give you loads of omega 3, which are natural sources of energy for the brain.

What about the veggies? Squash and radicchio contain fibers and tryptophan, the amino acid responsible for the production of serotonin, the good mood hormone!

Moreover, radicchio purifies the body, while squash has carotenoids and vitamin A, which protect the skin from ageing.


Low-temperature cooking beef rump with Jerusalem artichokes cream, moringa, fennels and shiitake mushrooms

Who doesn’t love Jerusalem artichokes?

For chic food lovers who want to explore new flavors, this second course is the best dish of Plato’s winter menu! Thanks to the low-temperature cooking technique, the beef rump is soft and juicy. A light source of high quality proteins.

Jerusalem artichokes contain lots of fibers, minerals like potassium, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium, and vitamin A. Despite the fact that it is a tuber, it’s a low-fat superfood. Its original flavor (it reminds of that of artichokes) is enhanced by the presence of the shiitake mushrooms.

These Asian superfoods strengthen the immune system and have lots of minerals! To get your fill of energy and benefits, here’s the superfood touch: moringa powder.

A healthy mixture of extraordinary nutrients like vitamin C, A, iron and vegetable proteins!

The final touch: fennels! Seasonal, light, refreshing and super tasty! The purifying and diuretic action of this superfood helps digestion and donates a very pleasant sense of lightness!


Lemon grass salmon skewer, roasted black rice with veggies, celeriac and curry fondue

An iconic dish of Plato’s menu, that adds to traditional ingredients such as salmon and veggies the exotic touch of lemon grass and curry!

Salmon is an exceptional superfood: it contains high quality proteins, omega 3 and vitamin D, which protects the health of skin and hair.

The chefs serve it on a celeriac fondue. Celeriac is a superfood full of minerals (among which: manganese, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium), vitamin C, B6 and K. Moreover, celeriac is diuretic and digestive!

Black rice and veggies complete the dish with the necessary amount of fibers, to regulate satiety and keep the level of energy high for the whole day.


Low-temperature cooking egg, veggies spaghetti, cumin, basil pesto and raspberry vinaigrette

For years, the egg has been misunderstood by dieticians, who thought it was too caloric. Actually, it is the noblest source of proteins and it helps lower bad cholesterol. It also contains vitamin A, phosphorous and iron.

In this healthy second course, Plato’s chefs respect the precious nutrients of the egg by cooking it at low-temperature, with no cooked oils. Veggies spaghetti are colorful and tasty, they contain vitamins and fibers.

Cumin seeds are digestive, they give flavor to the dish (so there’s no need to add salt) and strengthen the immune system.

A final gourmet touch is always there! The raspberry vinaigrette contains in vitamins and antioxidants; the basil pesto aids the digestive process and tickles the taste buds of our chic food lovers!


Plato Chic Superfood second courses are balanced, light and tasty. The ideal solution for chic food lovers who are looking for a wonderful food experience which deeply nourishes body and soul.

Come and taste our winter menu! It’s time to fill you up with Plato’s superfoods!