Superfood Snacks and Drinks You Can Always Take With You


Who doesn’t love an afternoon snack?

It’s a tasty way to have a break after a long working day, when you start feeling hungry but you have to wait some time before dinner.

If your lunch has been low in nutrients, then a little snack can turn into a not so healthy binge! It’s easy to give in to the temptation of crisps, soft drinks or processed snacks, especially if you don’t find any easy alternative at hand.

The solution? Plato’s healthy superfood snacks!


Plato’s snacks: an ode to the wonderful superfoods!

For many people the afternoon break is a processed snack, some crackers or crisps. These foods have the benefit of being easy to eat and very tasty.

Yet, they hide several problems!

First of all, they are not satiating. They mostly contain sugars and trans fats, whose nutritional values are low.

Second of all, they’re highly fattening. In other words: they are rich in calories, but the pleasure they give doesn’t last long, both in terms of taste and satiety.

Last, but not least: many scientific studies demonstrated that there is a strong relation between hydrogenated fats and depression.

So, in addition to being unhealthy, they make us feel sad!

What’s the best way to satiate the hankering you have in the afternoon?

Go for healthy foods, possibly natural, rich in vitamins and minerals. A healthy snack can be a fruit with a herbal tea, a yogurt with some granola, a smoothie with seasonal fruits and vegetable milk.

You have many ideas…but not enough time!

It can be difficult to find the time to plan your afternoon break, so most of the days you end up choosing from the snacks of the vending machine!

This is why Plato Chic Superfood’s offer includes many ideas for healthy and fast snacks! Plato focuses on the nutritional needs of people on the run, who don’t want to renounce to their well-being.

Thanks to Plato’s superfoods, snacks become little moments to take care of one’s own body and meet the desire for flavor!

Here’s our selection of fast&chic superfoods!



Icons of Plato Chic Superfood, the Veli are versatile and easy to eat – also for take-away.

The reasons that make them the perfect snacks are a lot, such as:

  • Their lightness, since they are lactose, yeast and gluten free. Moreover, there are no cooked oils or fats involved in their preparation.
  • The nutrients of the whole flours they are made of, which are low in sugars, and of lots of seasonal superfoods. The Veli are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers. Everything you need to be strong and focused!
  • Their tasty flavor, suitable for all. The Veli are both sweet and savory, they meet all nutritional needs and they are made out of high quality natural ingredients. They are the best choice for the gourmet taste of chic food lovers!

Raw bars

Nuts and oil seeds – especially almonds, nuts, pumpkin seed and linseed – are veritable sources of important nutrients such as omega 3, proteins and minerals. They also are highly satiating, a characteristic that makes them perfect for an afternoon snacks.

Plato has made nuts even tastier with raw bars! These bars are made with raw and natural ingredients, they are super energetic and rich in nutrients. They are perfect for vegans too.



Who doesn’t want a concentrate of goodness always at hand?

Plato’s extracts are the perfect solution for those who are always in a hurry, but want to treat themselves with something extremely good and healthy for their short breaks.

Sugar free and natural, the extracts are 100% seasonal fruits and vegetables. Superfoods ready to drink, for a booster of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants! These perfect healthy drinks also come in bottles to always take with you!


An intense lifestyle needs energy, focus and strength. Your afternoon break can become a precious moment to fill up your body with the nutrients you need!

Join us at Plato’s and chose among the rich selection of superfood snacks, made for chic food lovers like you. Well-being has never been so tasty!