How To Win Chic Food Lovers Over With Chic Cocktails and Superfood Mocktails


Summer means eating outside, beach parties and sunset happy hours.

The seaside is the best place where to sip a cocktail listening to the waves gently breaking on the beach, but for those who stay in the city some good gourmet news are coming to town.

Plato Chic Superfood is the perfect location to enjoy a chic and truly unique happy hour, where superfoods become the protagonists of fresh and tasty cocktails and mocktails – i.e., alcohol-free drinks.

And, why not, with an extra touch of well-being! 😉


Plato’s Chic Happy Hour: A Happy Moment, With No Regrets

Who doesn’t love a good happy hour, especially during weekends?

For some years now, the happy hour has become a popular event, turning in some cases into a real meal that includes dinner.

The secret of its success is not really a secret.

People have always looked for cherished moments with friends at the table. A good meal and a glass of wine are the perfect recipe to live a joyful time to share with those you love the most.

The happy hour is no exception. Quite the contrary, in fact!

Snacks, fresh drinks and good music create a cheerful atmosphere difficult to renounce, even if the happy hour can hide some risks for the health of the body.

In fact, a glass of wine or a cocktail are usually served with crisps, salty nuts and other food rich in trans fats and processed sugars.

Before dinner, when we start to feel hungry, it’s quite easy to fall into the temptation of eating food with a minimum supply of nutrients, but lots of calories.

Does this mean that we should give up on “happy houring”? The answer of Plato Chic Superfood is: not at all!

It’s sufficient to turn your happy hour into a healthy hour  with lots of superfoods, healthy and balanced snacks and the correct amount of alcohol.

Recent studies[1] have demonstrated that alcohol is damaging only when it’s taken in higher quantities than those suggested: 30 gr. for men, 15 gr. for women.

Considering the fact that a glass of wine, a can of beer or a shot of hard liquor each contains 13 gr. of alcohol, you can certainly enjoy a good cocktail with no worries, but paying attention to the food it is served with.

Plato’s cuisine always puts the people and their well-being first.

That’s why even the happy hour follows some simple nutritional rules that will let you enjoy your time with no regrets, but some peace of mind instead.

  • Our cocktails contain the correct amount of alcohol and natural juices rich in superfoods and…lots of flavor!
  • Proteins and fats slow the assimilation of the alcohol by the body and reduce its fattening action. This is why Plato serves a selection of snacks that contain a high quantity of these nutrients, like nuts, seeds and raw vegetables with pinzimonio.
  • Plato’s happy hour includes balanced tapas that contain whole flours, proteins – both animal or vegetal – lots of raw veggies and light, but tasty sauces.
  • The happy hour is for everyone! Plato offers a selection of alcohol-free mocktails full of the colors and freshness of summer superfoods, for an extra dose of vitamins and minerals.


Discover our selection of cocktails and mocktails, for a real chic food lovers’ happy hour!

Plato’s cocktails are made of high quality liquors and superfoods, which turn them into some unique creations.

Any examples?

The Avocado Sunset, Plato’s declaration of love towards the most beloved superfood: the avocado! The cachaça is mixed up with a bunch of superfoods, from fresh lime juice to avocado cream, with a touch of soy milk and agave juice.

Or the Matcha Pisco Sour, with honey, matcha tea, pisco, lime and acquafaba, a vegetal alternative to egg whites.

If you’re looking for an alcohol-free drink instead, then Plato’s mocktails are the thing for you!

With no added sugars, these mocktails will transform your summer happy hours into real chic food lovers events, where the scent of herbs mingles with those of spices and seasonal fruits.

Among Plato’s mocktails you’ll find the Red Thyme, with strawberries, thyme, orange juice, lemonade and balsamic vinegar.

For the lovers of the fresh and joyful flavor of watermelon, Watermelonade is a mocktail with fresh watermelon, lime juice, pomegranate soda and spicy black salt.

If this preview has tickled your curiosity already, discover Plato Chic Superfood’s whole selection of cocktails and mocktails. Your happy hour will become a chic and magical experience!

[1] “Alcohol consumption and cognitive decline in early old”, Neurology. Link: age