If You Can’t Say No To These Pleasures, You’re A Chic Food Lover!


Plato Chic Superfood was born to meet the needs and desires of chic food lovers.

But who are chic food lovers?

Explorers and gourmets looking for a wonderful food experience, chic food lovers crave for well-being and innovative food.

If you can’t say no to the three pleasures I’m going to tell you about in a moment, and you don’t settle for a soulless food, then I have some good news for you: you too are a member of this group of food enthusiasts!


The Fundamental Pleasures of Chic Food Lovers


    1. A Tasty and Tempting Food

    Chic food lovers love good food. “Good” not only for its taste, but also for the quality of its ingredients, the researches made to create it and the story it tells.

    Food doesn’t only have to be tasty. It also has to be profoundly good, unique, real and natural, as Plato’s chic superfood is.

    Everything starts with the philosophy that inspired our idea of cooking. A philosophy that goes back to ancient Greece.

    The name of the brand, in fact, is inspired by the famous philosopher Plato, who believed that Good and Harmony are the same. Chic food lovers love a balanced food, where good and natural flavors  combine with the benefits of healthy ingredients.

    Plato satisfies chic food lovers because it offers a varied, tasty and healthy cuisine. A mix that counteracts the idea that healthy food has to be tasteless.

    Plato’s food is never a sacrifice, but a joy to live with a smile on your face and no guilt.

    Some examples? The velo Coconut cream, pomegranate, cocoa seeds, almonds and granola, where cocoa mingles with the sweet flavor of coconut and with the fresh and acid notes of grapefruit.

    Or the sweet selection of Plato’s muffins, rich in superfoods like goji berries, blueberries, matcha tea and banana, for a healthy snack that will make your body (and mouth!) very happy.


    1. A Wonderful Food 

    Sometimes it can happen to take for granted the flavor of an ingredient we have known forever.

    Or to eat in a hurry, without paying attention to the ingredients that compose our dish.

    Chic food lovers don’t settle for a food without emotion. They actually look for a food experience which can stimulate their sense of wonder.

    What does it mean, looking for a sense of wonder in our daily routine? What does it mean, feeling a sense of wonder through food?

    It means rediscovering. A texture, a feeling, the true essence of an ingredient which, valued as only Plato’s chefs and nutritionists can do, moves you in a totally unexpected moment.

    Only if we return to appreciate the pureness of flavors, the texture of ingredients and their aromas, we will be able to rebuild a balanced and satisfying relationship with food.

    Thanks to its research on flavors and nutritional balance, Plato Chic Superfood wonders chic food lovers through unique dishes, where ingredients that belong to our memories become new worlds to explore.

    Not only this: the sense of wonder also stems from the aesthetic research behind every dish. From their beauty, the harmony of their colors and a welcoming restaurant that mirrors this philosophy.

    In this way, Plato becomes a total experience, made of high-quality food, nutritional research, wonder and beauty. A mix of positive vibes that transform a simple and daily action as eating in a veritable exploration of new worlds of flavors!


    1. A Profound Knowledge of the Ingredients

    Wouldn’t you like to know the nutritional values and the benefits of the ingredients you eat every day?

    Chic food lovers are not only gourmets, but real food enthusiasts. They want to be informed about the ingredients in their dish to really appreciate it.

    Plato Chic Superfood nourishes both body and mind.

    Every time you need to have some information regarding our ingredients or you want to ask what’s best for you to eat for breakfast, Plato’s team will be there to help you!

    The nutritional information about every dish will also be very useful for those who look for alternatives to vary their routine, avoiding yeast, lactose, gluten and nichel.

    Plato is the messenger of the concept of aliment-azione  (eating-action), which expresses awareness.

    Giving importance to the simple and daily act of eating allows you to be aware of it and, in so doing, to truly appreciate the benefits only good and genuine food can give you.

    At Plato’s you’ll always find all the information you need to reach that awareness and explore the world of food, in order to turn chic superfood in a veritable lifestyle!


You can’t say no to healthy, tasty and wonderful food, right? Then you’re officially a member of the chic food lovers group.

Allow yourself the daily pleasure of a food that satisfies your desire for taste and well-being.

Plato Chic Superfood: only for chic food lovers!