Italian Cooking Tradition Becomes Super!


A chef, a nutritionist and a simple approach to cooking of a family: this is the story behind Plato.

Dishes like the Spaghetto al Super Pomodoro or the Pan di Plato express the desire to innovate the Italian cooking tradition and make it “super”!

Which are the benefits of a cuisine that focuses on your desire to feel good and enjoy the pleasure of great food?

Find it out in this food story!


Plato: the three pillars to innovate tradition

“How can we innovate tradition?”

And not a simple one, but THE Italian cooking tradition! A heritage of ancient recipes and comfort food that everyone keeps safe in one’s own heart.

This is the question from which the adventure of Plato Chic Superfood started!

Innovating recipes that are part of our cultural heritage is not easy. It’s a brave act that asks for a deep knowledge of ingredients and cooking techniques.

This is the reason why Plato’s cooking is founded on three main pillars:

  1. The creativity and research of chef Fabio Di Martino, who looks for balance among flavours in every dish
  2. The scientific research of nutritionist Valentina Chiozzi, useful to make every dish more nutritious, energetic and very light
  3. The natural approach to cooking of the Affinita family, who has handed down the secrets of a healthy and person-oriented cooking for generations

Plato’s cuisine wants to innovate the Italian cooking tradition to respond to the needs of the public and make these fantastic dishes easier to digest, more nutritious and more energetic!


What is Plato’s “plus” factor?  

Keyword: superfood!

But the meaning of this word in Plato’s world is different from what you’d expect. The term “superfood” indicates natural ingredients which are richer in nutrients, especially antioxidants, vitamins, omega 3 and minerals.

Foods like moringa, spirulina, turmeric and oily seeds contain an exceptional quantity of nutrients that are useful to your general well-being.

These ingredients, if combined and cooked in the right way, may create extraordinary dishes.

The “plus” of Plato is  super-nutrition! Every dish is balanced in flavors and nutrients, the ingredients are cooked in a way so that they keep their nutrients intact and the addition of superfoods gives an extra healthy touch that makes everything even more special!

Here are some tasty examples of how Plato transforms traditional Italian dishes into “super” dishes.


How to turn comfort food into super healthy food: two examples



Super yummy, crunchy and fried! Who doesn’t like the classic Wiener Schnitzel? It’s not a case that kids love it so much!

Unfortunately, though, frying can be bad for the body and it doesn’t make digestion any easier. Moreover, breadcrums are a low-nutrients ingredient.

How can you innovate this dish?

At Plato’s, we use ghee for frying, because it burns at higher temperatures and allows to have a healthier cooking. The panure is more nutritious, because it is made with pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds, flaxseeds and eggs: no yeast and no gluten!

We serve it with tomato salad, rocket and purple mashed potatoes, which contain lots of antioxidants that contrast cellular ageing.


Spaghetti with tomato sauce is a light dish, but low in nutrients. More so, if you use wheat pasta.

How can you make it richer in nutrients and proteins?

Plato’s chef slowly cooks Piennolo DOP tomatoes without oil. In this way, the tomatoes excrete lycopene, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.

He uses Parmesan cheese aged more than 36 months, because it doesn’t contain lactose. And to add more proteins, he sprinkles some grated almonds on top. The EVO oil is a source of vitamin E, which is also an antioxidant.

The pasta is Mancini spaghetti turanico, low in gluten and therefore easier to digest.


Innovating tradition is possible if you combine creativity, cooking techniques, love for food and nutritional research.

Plato’s cuisine innovates respectfully, to allow food lovers to keep enjoying the pleasure of food while finding themselves and their well-being.


Have a look at our new dishes on the menu dedicated to the innovation of tradition, from Super Carbonara to Pan di Plato.

One bite and you’ll touch the sky!