Discover Plato’s Ideas for Your Chic Food Lover Light Lunch!


Everyone knows it: it’s difficult to find the time to dedicate to lunch preparation.

Chic food lovers have an intense lifestyle, that requires energy and focus. But sometimes lunch can be inadequate to fulfill their needs of nutrients.

With Plato’s options, lunch turns into a moment of real pleasure both for the palate, and for the body!

Discover the powerful light lunches that Plato has created for you! Lots of ideas for a fast, but highly nutritional lunch break.


A Tasty and Balanced Light Lunch for Those Who Don’t Settle for the Same Old Sandwich!

Plato’s light lunch is what chic food lovers have been waiting for a long time.

Plato’s offer includes combos of Veli, main dishes, naturally flavored waters and extracts designed to give you the right amount of nutrients and great flavors – all in the fast break of your lunch!

Our nutritionist Valentina Chiozzi, together with Plato’s chefs, studied the best solutions to give you what you really need:


Plato’s light lunches are varied and come in all flavors, also for vegetarian and vegan chic food lovers.

From seafood to the Veli selection or Plato’s classic menu with entrée, main dish and dessert, every dish respects the nutritional needs of chic food lovers and contains the right amount of proteins, vitamins, fibers and whole cereals low in sugars.

ENERGY: thanks to the balance among all these nutrients, you won’t feel hungry and tired in the afternoon. You’ll feel great and strong until dinner.

LIGHTNESS: Plato’s dishes don’t contain cooked oil, trans fats and yeast that may ruin your digestion. Simple cooking techniques keep the ingredients fresh and complete with all their nutritional values. The result? Intense flavors and lightness!

FLAVOR: thanks to the presence of superfoods, you can benefit from an extra source of antioxidants, omega 3, vitamins and minerals that will help you keep your energy level high and your body in good health. Moreover, their tasty flavor will turn your lunch into a joy to be lived.

WONDER: everyone needs a touch of wonder in their lives. You do too! At Plato’s, we love awakening the sense of wonder in our chic food lovers with exciting food, which gives pleasure through flavor and well-being.


Plato’s Powerful Business Lunch: A Food Experience To Live and To Share!

You’re wondering where to organize your next business lunch? No worries, we got you!

Plato Chic Superfood is the best location for you.

The motives are:

  • Plato is a design restaurant with a chic and welcoming atmosphere, which transforms your lunch into a pleasant moment to share. The beauty of the design details makes it the perfect location to host business lunches and events.
  • The menu is tasty, original and perfectly balanced between flavor and well-being. Plato focuses on the nutritional needs of the contemporary man, who wants to feel light and healthy, without renouncing to a gourmet touch. Plato’s powerful light lunches are the right mix of lightness, energy and flavor.
  • The waiter service is fast and discrete, perfect for chic food lovers who don’t have much time to dedicate to their business lunch.


Don’t miss Plato’s combos for your powerful business light lunch!

You deserve more than the same old sandwich! At Plato’s, you can treat yourself with the daily luxury of a lunch carefully designed by our team of nutritionists and chefs, who created signature dishes to meet the need of chic food lovers like you, in search for new and exciting flavors!