Plato Chic Superfood – gnocchi teff

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A tasty and exciting cuisine, rich in superfoods.

This is Plato Chic Superfood, a restaurant which takes care of you with a tasty and natural food, that focuses on your desire for flavor and well-being.
The name of the brand not only recalls the word “dish”, but it is also a homage to Plato and his philosophy of the Good as a synonym for Harmony and Truth
To Plato, every man owns a forgotten knowledge that can be reawakened with the help of the philosopher.

In the same way, Plato Chic Superfood inspires the people by informing them about the benefits of a balanced diet, the nutrients of superfoods and how to develop a satisfying relation with food.
Plato does not only offer a menu: it creates experiences that you can live and share, where a healthy daily nutrition becomes a pleasure for everyone to benefit from.
A luxury to discover and be amazed by.


Plato has a traveling soul, which sees food as a world to discover. During this traveling experience, simple and daily food becomes something new. A cuisine of emotions that shakes what we already know, changes perspectives and reawakens the sense of wonder.


Genuine and natural food is never a sacrifice, but the true source of wellness. This is why Plato always looks for the perfect balance between flavor and well-being. Plato welcomes you in a design restaurant where you can live little moments of joy to share with those you love.


We believe that a balanced relation with food can improve people’s lives and help them feel better and live more happily. Plato promotes this idea of food as a source of joy and well-being and it transforms it into a daily luxury. A precious help to take care of yourself every day with the cuisine of superfoods.


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We want to make your time at Plato Chic Superfood’s the best moment of your day!