What Is the Biga? Here’s the Secret to the Lightness of Pan di Plato


When you grab a slice of Pan di Plato and have a bite, you realize one thing: it is as light as a feather.

The wholemeal focaccia, filled with seasonal superfoods, is one of the new entries in Plato’s Spring/Summer menu. It’s perfect as a light lunch or as a mouth-watering starter for a dinner: this dish is pretty amazing!

The reason? The longer fermentation with the biga, which makes it light and easier to digest.

Find out more in this super crunchy food story!


Benefits of bread-making with the biga

There are many ways to bread-making, but the healthier is with the biga. No doubt about it.

The biga is a pre-ferment made with flour, water and yeast, which has unique nutritional and tasting qualities.

The secret is hidden in its name. The Italian term biga indicates a chariot hauled by horses used in ancient Rome. The pre-ferment acts in the same way: it “hauls” the dough and enhances its elasticity and flavor of the final product.

This happens because the fermentation is quite long (from 16 to 48 hours) and the use of strong flours increase the strength and resistance of the dough.


Which are the benefits of the bread-making with the biga?

  • The flavor and smell of the dough are more balanced, because the biga produces lactic acid during fermentation, not acetic acid, which is more pungent
  • It enhances the texture: the bigger and more irregular holes in the crumb make it softer, while the crust is very crunchy
  • The dough is easier to digest, because the long proofing of the biga enables to use less yeast. This is the reason why you feel light after having eaten it!


Plato’s nutritionist’s tip

 The big enemy of digestion is acrylamide, which is the amide of acrylic acid.

A long proofing, as it is the case when using the biga, enables to diminish the quantity of sugars responsible for the formation of this substance during baking.

This is why Pan di Plato is so light and digestible! Moreover, thanks to the fillings created by our chef with the supervision of our nutritionist, you will always find a balanced relation among proteins, carbs, fibers and vitamins.


Pan di Plato Identikit: wholemeal flours, long proofing and super fillings!

Pan di Plato’s proofing happens through four phases, which make it digestible and light.

We only use stone-ground wholemeal flour and wholemeal buckwheat flour, which increase the quantity of fibres and make it so tasty.

But the real plus value of Pan di Plato is the research of a balance among the ingredients, so as to lower the level of sugars and give all the necessary nutrients to make you feel good and healthy.

Pan di Plato

  1. Is perfect for people who are intolerant to yeast, because the long proofing allows to use a minimum quantity of yeast and makes it lighter and easier to digest
  2. It’s more nutritious than classic focaccia, because wholemeal flours are richer in fibers and minerals, and they are more satiating
  3. It’s a balanced and light dish, because the fillings balanced the carbs with proteins and antioxidants


Try all our versions of Pan di Plato, which change along with available seasonal ingredients!


Spring/Summer Menu 2019



Pan di Plato with turmeric cream goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and pesto

Turmeric is an antioxidant, digestive and anti-inflammatory spice.

Moreover, basil has digestive and draining qualities, and it contains calcium, potassium and vitamin K. Pine nuts are a source of good fats.



Avocado & Salmon, with guacamole, salmon and spheres of aged cherry vinegar

 A protein Pan di Plato rich in omega 3, thanks to avocado and salmon.



Tartare & Tomatoes, with beef superfood tartare, confit tomatoes sauce, rocket salad and parmesan aged 36 months

For meat lovers, this Pan di Plato with the tartare maintains all the nutrients of the beef intact. The aged parmesan is lactose free.



Robiola cream cheese and Tempeh, with turmeric robiola cream cheese, vegetarian chips and roasted tempeh

A wholly vegetarian Pan di Plato, it contains the proteins of the roasted tempeh. Turmeric is a superfood!


If you love focaccia, don’t miss Pan di Plato!

The only focaccia that makes you feel light and satisfies your desire for tasty flavors.