Plato Loves Kimchi! Why The Korean Dish Is A Must-Have Superfood


Do you remember the ginger-obsession of some years ago?

Sales increased strongly and everyone started to use this superfood in herbal teas, marinades or as a cure for winter illnesses. From an exotic food, ginger became a normal, even obvious presence in the kitchens of many people.

Today there is a new food trend in town. A highly nutritional superfood: kimchi! But what is it?

Kimchi is fermented Chinese cabbage.

The food symbol of Korean cuisine, its warm and spicy flavor makes even the simplest dishes, like steamed rice, very special, and it does wonders for gut health.

Plato Chic Superfood presents a Velo where Italy and Korea create a flavorful explosion. Eager to know more?

Let’s find out what’s inside the Velo Italian Kimchi…


Kimchi: A Source of Nutritional Treasures (Thanks to Fermentation)

Kimchi belongs to the category of naturally fermented foods. Fermentation is a technique used to preserve food, and its story is thousands of years old.

In Korea, as well as in Japan and China, winters may be very cold. For this reason people started to preserve vegetables, so that they could eat them during the whole year.

These are the origins of the brining technique (that is, merging vegetables in water and salt), with which Chinese cabbage was initially preserved.

During the years, the original recipe of kimchi changed with the addition of other ingredients that not only enriched its flavor, but also the number of nutrients good for the well-being of the body.

A very ancient food, nowadays kimchi is still a synonym of family traditions.

In fact, many Korean families wait for the month of November (when Chinese cabbage is harvested) to make kimchi at home.

The cabbage is put into jars that are buried until the winter months, when its maturation comes at a perfect point.

But what makes kimchi a superfood?

Fermentation and its constituent ingredients.

Fermentation creates probiotics (lactobacilli) which are responsible for gut health, because they protect the bacterial flora and better digestion.

In addition to these benefits, kimchi is made of very healthy ingredients such as garlic, onions, chili and ginger.

  • Garlic and onions have a detox and antibacterial function
  • Chili is a great anti-inflammatory, it contains vitamin A, B and C and it is a source of antioxidants
  • Ginger, with its fresh and spicy flavor, has anti-inflammatory and digestive properties

Eating kimchi is a natural and pleasant way to take care of your gut, especially during stressful moments or the changing of seasons, when our immune system is at risk.

Moreover, several studies have demonstrated that kimchi is not only useful for health gut.

It controls the levels of cholesterol, it is highly satiating thanks to its fibers and, therefore, it’s a real helper to control body weight.

The nutritional qualities and the flavor of kimchi make it a must-have superfood on the table of chic food lovers.

Plato wanted to give an Italian touch to the traditional recipe of kimchi.

From this research comes the Velo Italian Kimchi.

Are you looking for a taste? Here it is!


The Velo Italian Kimchi

Italian Kimchi is an explosion of amazing nutrients, despite the fact that this Velo is not protein-based.

But you can simply add some nuts, hemp seeds or combine it with a dish with lots of proteins to balance the ingredients and enjoy a whole and light meal, made special by the flavor of kimchi.

Vegan and vegetarian, this Velo is made of:

  • Plato’s version of kimchi: fermented Chinese cabbage, chili paste, ginger, garlic and spring onions
  • Red beet and its sprouts
  • Horseradish sauce

The benefits are quite a lot, as always!

In addition to the probiotics of kimchi and to its fibers, the Velo Italian Kimchi is a real source of nutrients.

Red beet is rich in minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. It also contains folic acid and vitamin B9, useful for blood circulation and for pregnant women.

Also the red beet sprouts are rich in vitamin B, plus they are anti-inflammatory and decongestant.

What about horseradish? Its spicy flavor comes from sinigrin, an essential oil which is also present in mustard seeds and which exercises an important antibacterial function on the body.


Kimchi is a superfood to be savored. Thanks to its benefits and irresistible flavor, which has encountered the consent of the most refined palates, it is becoming a real trend in cooking.

If you are a chic food lover, the kimchi effect is assured: you can’t do without it!