Say Goodbye To Stress and Fatigue with Plato’s Superfoods!


Everyone knows that well-being starts with eating well.

Thanks to a healthy and balanced daily nutritional routine, we can find the extra dose of energy we need to face the most challenging days.

We should remember, though, that no food has miraculous effects.

Stress and fatigue can be avoided with a varied diet, seasonal ingredients and lots of superfoods which, combined in delicious dishes, give us many nutrients important for our everyday well-being.

Too many things to keep in mind?

No worries, you don’t need to become an expert in nutrition to take care of yourself! You only need some good piece of advice and the daily luxury of dishes designed to satisfy your desire for flavor, energy and relax!

In other words, Plato Chic Superfood’s dishes!


1,2,3 pieces of advice to fight stress and fatigue

  • One word: BREAKFAST! 

It’s important (well, very important) to start your day with a whole breakfast.

Morning is that time of the day when your body needs more energy, after hours of sleeping. A great way to fight fatigue and stress is enjoying your breakfast in no hurry, making it a pleasant rite.

To be truly nutritious and give you the energy you need, breakfast must contain proteins, carbs, fibers and lots of vitamins.

Of course, sometimes it can be difficult to include all these nutrients (especially proteins) in your breakfast. This is why Plato Chic Superfood pays attention to this very important meal.

From the veli to the cold-pressed juices, Plato offers lots of alternatives to have a whole breakfast rich in superfoods to satisfy your desire for well-being, with some sweet treat to indulge in.


  • Looking for sweetness? Try with fruit, nuts and…chocolate!

Usually when you feel tired, you tend to look for comfort in sweets and food full of sugars and trans fats.

Cookies, creams, chocolates and other sweet snacks are our first choice.

The reason?

They suddenly make you feel good and satisfied.

The long-period effect, though, is the contrary of what you expect.

This food, in fact, can tire your body and contribute to the general state of inflammation, which is one of the main causes for stress and fatigue.

Let’s admit it: it’s never easy to give up on sweet flavors which comfort us when we need it!

Fortunately we can chose among some healthier alternatives that, besides lowering the level of stress and fatigue, won’t make us regret cakes and desserts.

At Plato Chic Superfood you can find loads of sweet and tasty options for a snack or a comfy treat which will make you feel good with their flavors and which will give some good energy to your body.

Here’s some ideas.

Get your fill of fresh fruit – like bananas, berries and citrus fruit – full of antioxidants and vitamins, but also of nuts, almonds and walnuts, a precious source of minerals like zinc and magnesium, a real help for your well-being.

You can find them in Plato’s sweet veli, in the cold-pressed juices and in the muffins, to eat with a relaxing herbal tea.

And for an extra touch of taste, go with some dark chocolate! A superfood which can regulate your mood and protect blood circulation

Eating a velo Gianduia e frutti di bosco, or a velo Sorrento with dried oranges and crunchy nuts is a smart way to combine your desire for sweet flavors and your need to feel good.


  • Omega 3 is the answer

Omega 3 are precious and unique like diamonds, an amazing source of antioxidants which contrast cellular ageing.

Like diamonds, though, they’re difficult to find. Food that contain a good quantity of them is rare, and salmon is the best.

Plato has a real passion for this ingredient.

It not only has an amazing and versatile flavor. Salmon is a superfood rich in omega 3 and proteins, in addition to other nutrients very useful to fight stress and fatigue.

Try it in our veli, for a light and nutritious lunch that will make you feel full of energy and ready to face your day with a smile!


Plato’s superfoods fight stress in a simple and tasty way, from breakfast to the afternoon snacks.

Keeping in shape and feeling good the whole day is not a mission impossible, but a task easy to reach if you treat yourself with the daily luxury of balanced, tasty and nutritious dishes.

Plato Chic Superfood is the perfect place to find the well-being you need.

And to really feel good, every day!