What Is the Superfood Golden Experience? All You Need to Know About the Most Exciting Dinner Ever!


There is an oasis of energy and tasty flavors in the heart of Milan.

A restaurant where you can unwind and discover the pleasure of food, sharing and feeling good. When the evening comes, this place turns into a relaxing cloud, that cuddles you with dishes that awaken your sense of wonder.

This is not the beginning of a fairy tale, but a wonderful reality that is waiting for you in Via Cesare Battisti in Milan! Come at Plato’s to enjoy a dinner that amazes you from starter to dessert, thanks to the energy of superfoods!


Superfood Golden Experience: how does it work?

The Superfood Golden Experience is Plato Chic Superfood’s special dinner. There’s more: it’s Plato’s superfood gourmet special dinner. What does it mean?

When our chef Fabio di Martino started working at the dinner menu, he had to make a choice: shall we propose the same old à la carte menu, or something new?

As you may know, among Plato’s objectives there is the desire to awaken the sense of wonder with food. This is the reason why every dish has something that breaks with tradition. That “something more” that you don’t expect and makes you smile!

It can be the moringa in the dough of the tagliatelle, the raw broccoli served with the Ravioli Surprise. It can be the freshness of Plato’s desserts, where tasteful veggies become the main ingredients.

Fabio wondered: what if we create a menu that surprises you from beginning to end? And that’s how the Superfood Golden Experience was born! A journey that will make you discover the potential of superfoods cooked as gourmet ingredients.

Plato’s Superfood Golden Experience is unique because:



It includes 5 dishes (but they can be more) presented as a journey the chef created for you. You won’t even have to make the effort of choosing what to eat. We will take care of everything!



Plato is the only restaurant that uses superfoods in all the dishes of the menu. In the Superfood Golden Experience, you can taste gourmet superfoods, made even more precious by special cooking techniques and unique ingredients



The Superfood Golden Experience respects your nutritional needs. Are you intolerant to some foods? Are you vegetarian or vegan? No problem! The menu is cut out for you, to make you feel good and avoid all worries!


Book your table now (max 4 people) and rely on the trustful hands of our chef! You will live a unique experience, to share with those you love and to keep among your best memories.

Purple Octopus: one of the special editions of the Superfood Golden Experience

Why should you book the Superfood Golden Experience, instead of a simple à la carte menu?

Here are the pros:

  1. SECRET MENU, that releases you from the bother of having to choose your dishes and stimulates the wow effect
  2. TAILOR MADE MENU, which respects your nutritional needs and makes you feel light and full of energy
  3. GOURMET EXPERIENCE, which makes you taste superfoods elevated to their gourmet version, thanks to innovative cooking techniques

But there’s another reason. Book now and you’ll have the chance to taste dishes especially created for this occasion! They are special edition dishes that we serve to chic food lovers who choose to dive into this tasty adventure and live the emotion superfoods can give.

A bite of it? Purple Octopus, a color palette which smells like the sea, with a super tender and yummy octopus.

The octopus is steamed cooked and marinated with purple cabbage for 10 times. We cook the tomato sauce for 8 hours, with no onions or carrots, to enhance the herbal and fresh taste of the tomato.

The kale chips, on the other hand, are dehydrated for 12 hours at 60°, to obtain a crunchy texture without frying them.


The most exciting dinner you could ever image is waiting for you at Plato’s in Via Cesare Battisti 6 in Milan!

Don’t wait too much and book your Superfood Golden Experience now: there’s no better way to make your dinner an event to remember!