Best December Superfoods: Plato’s Ultimate List!


December is here!

The month of Christmas feasts, but also the special season for warm soups, slow simmering and comfort food. Plato Chic Superfood’s menu responds to the coming of winter with loads of superfoods rich in nutritional benefits and useful to strengthen the immune system.

We asked the nutritionist Valentina Chiozza for help to identify the nutritional properties of these superfoods. Are you ready to taste them all?

Here’s Plato’s December superfoods ultimate list!



When superfoods are Made in Italy, everything becomes tastier!

The humble lentils are small treasures rich in nutrients. These are good news for chic food lovers who don’t want to give up on the traditional New Year’s Eve lentil dish!

These beans are a good source of proteins for those who seek for alternatives to animal proteins. Moreover, they are rich in fibers, which satiate and help protect the intestine, vitamins B and minerals, especially iron.

Plato enhances the flavor and crunchiness of the lentils with its umami broth – a warm welcome that purifies and prepares the body to the meal – and in the Lentils Raviolo with Broccoli.

In this dish, the lentils are used as a flour in the dough of the ravioli, that in this way become more rich in fibers and minerals.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms come from Asia and are considered the kings of mushrooms.

These superfoods are extremely useful to strengthen the immune system, because they contain polysaccharides that stimulate the production of white cells. Plus, they also contain folates, which lower bad cholesterol and have invigorating properties.

They are rich in minerals – in particular selenium, a powerful antioxidant, zinc and copper, which protect the body from winter illnesses.

With lentils, shiitake mushrooms are the basic ingredients of the umami broth that starts every meal at Plato Chic Superfood’s.


Açaí berries

This Brazilian superfood is the exotic and original touch that cannot lack in Plato Chic Superfood’s menu!

Açaí berries are the fruits of a Brazilian palm and are known for their antioxidant properties. Also, they are a natural source of anthocyanidins, glycosides, polyphenol and other flavonoids, which protect the heart and act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

These little berries also contain omega 3 and 6, vitamins A, C and E. Their acidic flavor makes them particularly versatile and easy to use also in savory dishes.

Plato uses them in the Lentils Raviolo with Broccoli, Crunchy Tempeh in Açaí and Citron.



One of the superfoods that Plato’s chefs and nutritionists love the most!

Cauliflower is a veritable gold mine of benefits and its flavor is delicate and comforting: exactly what you need in the cold season!

It’s a source of flavones and indoles, which contrast the formation of free radicals and protect the cells against ageing. Moreover, they contain lots of minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous and iron, folic acid and vitamin C.

To make the most out of these amazing nutrients, one should eat cauliflower raw. The good news are that its flavor is amazing and Plato enhances it with a special Velo rich in raw vegetables: the Tre Crunch di Verdure!

With prunes pesto and coffee powder, this vegetarian Velo is the ideal entrée to start your meal, because raw vegetables help your digestion and strengthen your immune system!



Sweet and delicate, the squash is a must-have superfood in the winter menu of chic food lovers!

Its gorgeous orange color indicates the presence of carotenoids and vitamin A, which protect the skin from ageing and oxidation. Both the flesh and the seeds contain tryptophan, an amino acid that regulates the mood and make you feel happy!

This great winter superfood is present in the Crunchy Chicken Breast with Sweet and Sour Radicchio. A second course full of balance and healthiness, that makes you feel good and in harmony.


Plato’s superfoods turn the winter table into a feast of flavors and well-being!

Come and taste our new winter menu! You will live a wonderful food experience, dedicated to chic food lovers who are always willing to leave for new gourmet adventures!