Have You Ever Tried Superfood Powders? Pros and Cons of Energy Boosts


It often happens to feel down, especially during stressful moments or when the work routine is particularly tough. A great help comes from nutrition.

A varied diet rich in fresh and seasonal foods, lots of veggies and fruits and a moderate daily physical activity are good habits which, in the long period, can improve your energy. But when you need an extra help, using superfood powders is a great idea!

Find out the pros and cons of energy boosts (and which ones you can find at Plato’s)!


Superfood and protein powders? Yes, please!

We’ve already talked about the strategic importance of proteins in our daily nutrition. Proteins are our main source of energy and they are essential for the good functioning of your body.

They are more than simple “bricks” at the basis of your muscles. Proteins regulate the hormonal system, the immune system and the transmission of substances in the blood circulation. Moreover, they improve lean body mass.

The World Health Organization states that the ideal amount of proteins to assume every day corresponds to 1 gr per kilo of body weight. In addition to this, they should be consumed in the three main daily meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Green light, then, to a breakfast of eggs and smoked salmon, or meat with veggies, fruits and some whole carbs. Too much for you?

The classic Italian breakfast (croissant or any other sweets, with cappuccino) is quite low in proteins, but rich in sugars and carbs. For many people it is difficult to change their habits and switch to a savoury breakfast. How can you assume more proteins?

This is when superfood and natural protein powders come to your aid!

If used in the right way, these products can add proteins and other important nutrients to your daily diet, so as to improve your energy levels and general well-being.

The pros are numerous: more energy, more vitamins and you’ll feel fuller, thanks to the extra amount of proteins.

When you don’t have time to spend cooking, but your body needs an energy boost, superfood powders are a great help to keep you fit and strong. And it’s fast and easy to integrate them in your meals!

For what concerns cons…there are none! The important thing is to keep in mind what energy boosts really are, that is nutritional supplements, and not substitutes for fresh foods!

To feel good and in balance, you need to assume them together with a varied diet, rich in seasonal foods, whole carbs, fruits and veggies, and animal or vegetable proteins.

Do you want to find out which are the favorite natural protein powders of Plato’s chefs and nutritionists? Here they are!


Plato’s superfood powders are an explosion of well-being (and flavors!)

You can find them in our smoothies, in the fruits and veggies extracts, but also as a final touch in our dishes or on top of the thin crackers we use to welcome you at Plato’s.

Natural superfood powders turn every dish into an explosion of flavors and well-being. The olives we serve during our happy hour are covered in baobab powder. The famous tagliatelle with raw meat tartare are enriched with moringa powder. The spirulina powder makes unique our shrimp ravioli.

In short: there’s no limit to the creativity of our chefs and to their desire to take any opportunity to give you that extra touch of well-being and flavor you were looking for!

Ask to our personnel and customize your breakfast, lunch or dinner with our superfood powders!

  • Baobab powder

Useful to strengthen your immune system, it contains fibers, vitamin C and lots of minerals, especially magnesium.

  • Spirulina

A noble source of vegetable proteins, spirulina is rich in trace elements and minerals, among which zinc, in addition to omega 3 and other antioxidants.

  • Moringa

The tree of life! Moringa is a powerful antioxidants and a vegetable source of proteins. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A and important minerals, like calcium and potassium.

  • Cricket flour

A real novel food, cricket flour is a noble source of proteins. You only need to add a small amount in your smoothies or extracts to give yourself a lot of energy!

  • Almond flour

Vegetable proteins, omega 3 and antioxidants, all in a very Italian energy boost. Almond, like other nuts, do wonders to your body. Want to know more? Read this!


Superfood and natural protein powders are useful to improve your energy levels. At Plato’s, they reach maximum effectiveness, because they are served in balanced dishes, light and rich in wonderful seasonal fresh superfoods!

What are you waiting for? Book your moment of well-being NOW!