Superfoods: Your Best Allies to Live a High Energy Summer


Summer means beach vibes, tanned skin, sports, relax and happy hours. But also heat, sunstrokes, sunburns and low blood-pressure. To avoid the less pleasant aspects of the season and enjoy a great summer, fill your body with energy by eating good stuff!

Forget sports drinks and add Plato’s superfoods to your daily routine. They’re 100% natural and super yummy. Which is good! Curious about what your best allies for the summer are? Here they are…


Superfoods for summer: the complete list  



This alga is a great energy supplier, especially because it contains vitamins and essential amino acids. Spirulina has loads of nutrients that help us whenever we feel fatigue, both mental and physical.

For this reason, it’s very useful during summertime, because it keeps us healthy and functions as a detoxicant (it reduces bad cholesterol). Moreover, it contains minerals, antioxidants and carotenoids – amazing nutrients that keep a healthy and glowing skin!



As many other spices, turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect which strengthen the immune system. It contains a good amount of vitamins C, A and antioxidants, which protect the body from the damages caused by sun exposure.

Last but not least: it improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of low-blood pressure due to the heat.


Wild Berries

Colorful and with a sweet and sour flavor, wild berries such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are superfoods rich in antioxidants (like anthocyanins) and vitamins, especially vitamin C.

In addition to this, they contain high levels of water and minerals – the perfect allies to keep you hydrated for the whole day!




Tasty and nutritious, salmon is an amazing superfood. It’s great raw as a tartare, smoked, steamed or roasted. In other words: you can use it in thousands of recipes!

This superfood is an important source of omega 3, which lower the level of bad cholesterol and protect the cells from the damages caused by sun exposure.

It contains high-quality proteins, very important to build the muscles and give energy to the whole body, and it is also rich in vitamin D, which is great to keep bones and teeth in good health.


Nuts and Oilseed

Almond, nuts oilseed: you name it! Nuts are a true miracle to give to your body energy and vitality, because they contain omega 3, proteins and minerals.

They have high satiating power, which makes them the best snack, and they are extremely easy to carry with you at work. Healthy and tasty, they give energy without making you feel weighed down.


Raw Veggies

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, they are fundamental to reduce the production of free radicals. Veggies are easy to digest, they have a high satiating power and contain a perfect mix of water, vitamins, fibers and minerals.

For a perfect tan, prefer yellow, red or orange veggies like carrots, peppers, pumpkin and tomatoes.

These foods are rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants, which protect the skin from UV rays.


Taste the summer at Plato’s!

Now that you know everything about the best superfoods for your summer, you just have to book your table at Plato’s and enjoy our “Super Summer” menu! It includes dishes and drink with loads of summer superfoods – healthy, yummy and full of energy!


Super Summer Menu

  • Velo Matcha Salmon, a light entrée rich in omega 3 and proteins, with some matcha tea sauce for an extra dose of energy.
  • Azuki Balls, made with azuki beans and potatoes, oilseeds and a tasty endive and spirulina sauce.
  • Oriental Salmon, a soft salmon skewer with lemongrass, white chia seeds rich in proteins, black rice with roasted veggies and celeriac curry fondue.
  • Veil Il Moro, the big finale with a sweet treat to enjoy without guilt! Dark chocolate contains lots of antioxidants and is great combined with the sweetness of the fresh wild berries!


And for an afternoon snack…


Plato Raw Bar

Plato has made nuts even more tasty with these natural raw bars! Made with raw ingredients, they are full of energy and nutrients. Perfect for vegans too!


Superfood Extracts

Plato’s extracts are the best solution for people in a rush, who want to treat themselves with something good and healthy.

With no sugar or food coloring, the extracts are 100% natural and fresh. Made with seasonal fruits and veggies, these healthy drinks are rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants! Moreover, they’re easy to carry everywhere.

What are you waiting for?