The Superfood Everybody Is Craving For? It’s Cabbage (And Here’s Why)


The humble cabbage is on the lips (and on the plates) of every chic food lover in the world.

It’s hard to believe it, since cabbage hasn’t the charm of exotic countries and it is part of our daily diet.

But it’s a trend now, as one can see from the menus of the restaurants and the market data, which have registered a sharp increase in sales.

As it often happens, the greatest treasures are hidden in the back garden.

Cabbage has never been one of the most beloved veggies, probably because of its not particularly pleasant (!) aroma. The same can be said about the other vegetables belonging to the cruciferous family, like broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

But for some time now cabbage has become an object of some interest, both medical and gastronomic.

One of the reasons is that this superfood hides a truly amazing flavor, especially if eaten as Plato Chic Superfood suggests.


Cabbage: A Food Treasure You Can’t Do Without!

Let’s be true: cabbage doesn’t evoke a blaze of colors and flavors.

It has always been associated with the color white and a not particularly interesting soft texture, because people are used to eat it boiled. Well, overcooked actually!

Used as a side dish of other finest ingredients more suited to become protagonists, cabbage has never been a big star in cooking.

But the reason is not to be found in its flavor: this humble veggie has never truly been understood and valued. Maybe because it’s quite common, for years it’s been taken for granted. Until the last scientific researches.

Recently, in fact, several medical researchers have proven that cabbage is an amazing source of benefits for our health.

As in the best fairy-tales, the frog has finally become a prince, and with the white horse too!

Cabbage has shown itself as one of the most nutritious superfoods, whose characteristics are better maintained if eaten raw. Moreover, in this way its flavor becomes even more interesting and good!

But let’s have a look at the nutritional values of this amazing superfood:

  • Cabbage is rich in flavonoids (more than 30 different types!), powerful antioxidants that contrast free radical and protect the body from cellular ageing.
  • It contains lots of minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, folic acid and vitamin C, important nutrients for the general well-being of the body and for the health of the bones
  • Cabbage contains sulforaphane which, besides being the cause of the characteristic aroma, is a real help for our health! Among the many benefits it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, it regulates the sugars in the blood, it purifies the liver and reduces bad cholesterol
  • Cabbage is rich in fibers, which are very useful to regulate digestion

Plato’s Version: Have You Ever Tried A Cabbage Cous Cous?

Plato Chic Superfood respects the ingredients also choosing the best cooking techniques to preserve their nutrients.

As for cabbage, for instance, a prolonged cooking would make it lose all its precious nutritional values.

The best solution, then, is to eat it raw! To make it even tastier and yummy, chefs at Plato’s have decided to serve it in a new and funny version, that is as a cous cous!

The Cabbage Cous Cous with Plums Pesto, Nuts and Coffee Powder perfectly represents Plato’s philosophy.

Chic, tasty and healthy, this cous cous has changed the way in which we are used to eat the simple cabbage, which now becomes the real protagonist of your lunch.

Wrapped in a velo, or serve as a first dish, the cabbage cous cous of Plato Chic Superfood will give a light and yummy twist to your light lunch!


Find Out Why It’s So Good For You

The cabbage cous cous of Plato is vegan friendly, lactose, gluten and yeast free. That is, it’s a perfect choice for lactose intolerants and for people with celiac disease.

Besides the benefits of raw cabbage, this dish contains:

  1. Essential fatty acids, thanks to macadamia nuts and the almonds in the plums pesto
  2. Proteins, thanks to the nuts
  3. Fibers, both thanks to the cabbage and the dried plums
  4. A lot of energy!

The aroma of the coffee makes it even more special, because part of the well-being food can offer is given by the sense of wonder it stimulates in people.

With this cous cous you will turn your lunch break into a cuddle for your body and your taste buds!

This is the moment to bring cabbage back into your daily nutritional routine. Do you want to make it tastier? Come at Plato’s!