Vegan Superfoods: The Ultimate List (And Why They’re Super!)


How many times did it occur to you to go to a restaurant where there were only one or two vegan options on the menu? It’s a recurring issue. Despite many people have chosen to go vegan, many restaurants don’t offer a complete menu of vegan dishes for them.

You’re having lunch, and quite disappointedly you find out that you can choose between two options: a veggie sandwich and a salad without eggs, tuna, mozzarella or chicken. In other words, a simple salad!

There are good news for you. At Plato’s, you can enjoy tasty vegan dishes different from all the others. They’re not “without” ingredients, but they are “with” vegan superfoods that will give you the right amount of vegetable proteins and nutrients that make you feel good.

Discover Plato’s ultimate vegan superfoods list and the dishes created specifically for you!



Vegan Superfoods List

What are vegan superfoods and why are they super?

Let’s start by saying that vegan superfoods are naturally more rich in nutrients and energy.

These foods are very useful for vegans and vegetarians, because their diets may lack proteins and nutrients which are necessary for the well-being of the whole body.

Eating these foods is a good way to enrich your dietary habits with the right amount of nutrients and energy:


These algae contains 60% of vegetable proteins: amazing, right? It’s also rich in minerals, trace elements and phenylalanine, which makes you feel fuller.


Almonds and nuts contain omega 3, antioxidants and vegetable proteins. Eating a handful of them as an afternoon snack (or as natural raw bars, like the ones we make at Plato’s), is a healthy habit that gives good energy to the whole body.


Made with soy beans, a portion of tofu contains 18% of the proteins you need in a day. It also contains omega 3 and minerals like iron, copper and selenium. Moreover, the low quantity of fats makes it a great food for the general health of the blood circulation system and heart.


Lentils, beans and chickpeas are rich in vegetable proteins, but also fibers and minerals. They are very satiating, especially lentils, which also have good antioxidant properties.


Flaxseed contain lots of antioxidants and omega 3. Moreover, they are real allies to the blood circulation system and they help digestion.

Goji berries

They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins like C and A, together with iron and beta-carotene. Eating goji berries for breakfast in an oat porridge, like we serve them at Plato’s, is a tasty way to strengthen the immune system and get the energy you need for the whole day.


Who doesn’t love avocado? This very popular superfood is rich in omega 3, satiating fibers and vitamin E, which is useful to have healthy skin and hair.


We’ve already told you many times, but we love to do so! Moringa is an amazing vegan superfood! It contains lots of vegetable proteins, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.


Made with fermented yellow soy beans, tempeh helps digestion thanks to the fermentation process, and it contains more proteins than tofu.


A Vegan Lunch That Surprises You With Tasty Dishes and The Energy You Crave For!

You’re at a business lunch and you’re already stressing out looking for the perfect restaurant for your clients and a good vegan menu for you. It’s difficult to find a charming restaurant that responds to all your needs.

Then, you book a table at Plato’s. Your lunch starts with some crunchy raw veggies with amazing dips. A fresh and colorful start!

The starter comes: two Veils Three Veggies Crunch. The cauliflower cous cous is perfect with the prune and macadamia nuts sauce. You’re already a bit full, but let’s keep going! (btw, you’re doing great! The wifi and a fair service are perfect for your meeting).

Main dish? You can’t decide: lentils ravioli, soup of the day, cereals and beans soup or moringa tagliatelle? You order the Raviolo Surprise: what will be the filling?

Here they come: so good, the lentils ravioli are crunchy on the outside, but the filling is a liquid broccoli explosion. Who would have ever imagined that broccoli could be so tasty?

To end, a sweet veil: the Sorrento. You ask the vegan version without eggs in the dough, but you know it’s super nutrient anyway! Gluten free whole flours and an amazing filling of organic orange marmalade, nuts and dried oranges is just what you need.

It’s 2 pm, your business lunch was a success and you feel great! Light, but also full and ready to face the rest of your day. And you’ll say a big yes to the gym this evening!


Do you want to taste a whole vegan lunch that is truly nutrient, because it has been created to give you the energy you need?