What’s the Difference Between a Piadina and Plato’s Veil?


Summer rhymes with…?

Well, since we’re talking food, it surely rhymes with fresh and light street food, to eat with your hands. Street food is fun and easy, the best food for those who want to enjoy the warm weather during their lunch time. Or as a snack.

If you haven’t heard about Plato’s veils yet, get ready for some excitement!

For all the chic food lovers who crave for some fun street food, Plato created a much tastier, lighter and healthier version of the classic piadina.

Which are the differences between a veil and a piadina? And on top of it: why is it the best news you’ll hear today?


The 5 differences between Plato’s veil and a piadina  

  1. The flour is special

What does it mean it’s “special”? Let’s talk facts: classic piadina are made with refined flour, water, baking soda, suet and salt.

The dough is quite low in nutrients, and difficult to digest! Moreover, the suet doesn’t make it suitable for vegans.

On the contrary, Plato’s veil contains gluten free and flavorful whole flours, which satiate moreand for a longer time compared to refined flours. This happens because they contain more fibers.


  1. The fillings are balanced

A veil comes not only from the chef’s creativity, but also from the scientific research of Plato’s nutritionists. So, here are the news.

Every filling, both savory and sweet, is nutritionally balanced. This will help you find the energy, lightness and flavor you want in your day.

Veils are perfect as a light lunch, a snack, or even as a starter. They’ll make you feel great, even if you don’t have much time to eat.



  1. The must have in Plato’s veil? Proteins!

Repetita juvant! We’ve told you before, but we’d like to say it again: proteins are important for your general wellbeing!

We tend to eat not enough proteins. Actually, many people think that only meat or fish contain proteins. Well, it’s not like that!

Proteins are also in eggs, cheese, nuts and in some rare ingredients that you’ll discover in a second. Well, you’ll be happy to know that EVERY veil contains proteins, to give you extra energy.

Savory or sweet, it makes no difference: your veil will always have some proteins in it!


  1. Superfood à go go

Forget cream cheese, suet, mayo and such. Let’s be true: they’re yummy. But how do you feel after eating them?

The fillings of Plato’s veils are rich in fresh and healthy ingredients. And there’s more! We mean superfoods.

These natural foods contain precious nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, omega 3 and fibres: a real cure-all for your body. And Plato’s veils are full of them!


  1. Key words: satiety and lightness

Usually things go this way: you eat a piadina, you fill full and a bit weighted soon after, but after two hours you’re hungry again.

This happens because it lacks the nutrients you need to feel full for long. In particular, whole flours are rich in fibers and high-quality proteins.

Have you already guessed the last difference between Plato’s veils and a piadina? Right.

Veils satiate more. But they’re also easy to digest! This thanks to the special flours, but also the balanced fillings, prepared to give you a good, healthy and tasty energy.




In the end: spice up your summer with Plato’s veils!

There’s only one thing left to do: book your table at Plato’s and try our veils! You’ve probably figured it out: they’re unique.

Where can you find them?

Two options. You can come at our restaurant in Via Cesare Battisti 6, Milan, or at the kiosk in Darsena Gabriele D’Annunzio. There’s no need to tell you that veils are perfect also for a proper happy hour…

What are you waiting for?