What’s The Story of Plato’s Veli? It All Started With A Dream…


How can you combine flavor with well-being in a dish that is light and easy to eat, all at the same time?

Something for a sweet tooth, to satisfy the desire of tasty flavors and nutritional balance.

This is the challenge from which Plato’s Veli come from.

Actually, it is more a dream than a challenge, shared among a team of nutritionists, chefs and creative talents who could see in the shape of a veil of pasta, filled with amazing ingredients, the answer to this question.

The Veli are the icon of Plato Chic Superfood, since their simplicity hides a magical and exciting food experience.

Not only this: the Veli respect food intolerances, vegan and vegetarian diets and the chic food lovers’ desire to be in good shape, without giving up flavor.

Everyone wants to feel good. With Plato’s Veli well-being becomes a daily luxury, rich in…superfoods!


Special Flours

The dough of Plato’s Veli is special.

It is made with whole, gluten-free and flavorful flours, which can satiate you more than the refined ones.  This happens because whole flours contain more fibers.

The research of nutritionists and chefs led to the creation of two kinds of dough, one for the sweet Veli, the other for the savory ones.

In the sweet dough you’ll find buckwheat flour, rich in proteins, fibers and flavonoids which lower the level of sugars in the blood, whole rice flours, soy milk and one egg.

The sweet Veli are good for breakfast, because they contain proteins and fibers, but they are also very light and tasty!

In the savory Veli, on the other hand, the dough contains buckwheat flour, whole rice flour, carob flour and carob seed flour. This dough doesn’t have proteins of animal origin, but it is protein-based anyway thanks to the presence of buckwheat. Plus, it contains the antioxidants of the carobs.

More good news? Carob flour tastes like cocoa!


Plato’s Veli Can Also Be Vegan!

Plato’s cuisine meets the nutritional needs of the people.

This means that its menu also offers lactose, gluten, yeast and nichel-free dishes, together with vegan and vegetarian options.

The vegan diet, in particular, asks for special attention to the choice of foods to integrate in your daily diet, most of all for what concerns proteins.

I can easily happen to eat too many carbs and fibers during breakfast, but not enough proteins!

No milk, egg, yogurt or cheese makes difficult to include them in your diet. The solution?

Plato’s Veli!

Despite the fact that the dough of the sweet Veli contains eggs, Plato offers to its vegan customers the same superfood fillings of the Velo Sorrento, Il Moro, Omaggio a Milano and Cocco Crunch, with the dough of the savory Veli.

In this way, the vegan breakfast has the same amount of proteins contained in the nuts and buckwheat, the fibers and the whole carbs of the flours and the tasty flavor of Plato’s superfood!


The Breakfast You Didn’t Expect

There is a reason behind the whole, varied, light and nutritious breakfast Plato offers to its customers.

As Plato’s nutritionists Michela Speciani and Valentina Chiozzi stated, your breakfast influences the way you feel during the whole day. Not only you shouldn’t skip it – it actually should become the main meal of your day!

Of course, it’s not easy to change your habits. This is why Plato’s breakfast offers many different options.

For the breakfast of the chic food lovers Plato created the super tasty Powerful Start and the International Breakfast.

  • Powerful Start

Sweet or savory? With Plato’s Powerful Start you can combine eggs cooked as you like, with a Velo, a superfood extracts and a naturally flavored water, plus coffee or cappuccino, available also with vegan milk.

  • International Breakfast

If you prefer a savory breakfast, Plato’s International Breakfast will satisfy you and make you feel better! You can choose to combine your eggs cooked as you like with porridge, smoked salmon, ricotta, raw or grilled veggies, avocado, Culaccia di Zibello and lots of nuts!

At Plato’s, breakfast is some serious business!

If you’re in a hurry or you don’t feel too hungry, but you don’t want to give up a balanced and healthy breakfast, try Plato’s Veli! They have all the nutrients you need to feel good, with flavor!


A Chic and Nutritious Light Lunch

Fast lunch: a sandwich to go?

After a while you’ll feel hungry and tired, that’s for sure.

Plato’s Veli have changed the idea of light lunch and they have turned it into a fast, but satisfying break, also very balanced from a nutritional point of view!

Perfect as street food, but also for a chic lunch at our restaurant, Plato’s savory Veli have all the seasonal superfoods you need for your well-being.

Plato’s suggestion is to order them in couples, to make your lunch more complete and satiating.

Find Out the Savory Veli of August!

  • Tre Crunch di verdure (vegetarian recipe)
  • Matcha Salmon
  • Il Gambero e i due pomodori
  • Merluzzo “2018”
  • Manzo & Pak choi
  • Italian Kimchi
  • L’Arcimboldo (vegan recipe)
  • Tacchino 73°C €

To discover the superfoods they contain, there is only one thing left to do: try Plato’s light lunch!